Hearts Alignment Healing

Alchemy Healing From the Heart! 

Heart Centered Healing

A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing

Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (A.U.R.A.) is a beautiful hypnosis technique that connects you to your Higher Self, that part of you that knows everything about you. Through the theta brainwave, A.U.R.A. allows you to travel to your past or future now to channel your highest healing using ancient alchemy and the aid of the angelics, sacredly and protected.

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R.A.A.H. Reiki Healing

Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing (R.A.A.H.) is a form of Reiki healing that uses sacred alchemy; the aid of the angelics, and your Higher Self to help you achieve your highest healing. 

It is an amplified version of regular Reiki using sacred protection, ensuring nothing is exchanged between your energy as the client or mine as the practitioner.

Quantum Akashic Reading

The Akashic records holds all of the records of creation. With the permission of your Higher Self and the guardians of the Akashic records I can help you find the answers you seek for your highest good.

You can get questions answered about your path or life circumstance. As always, your energy is shielded durign the session so there is no transfer of energies between you and I.


I had the pleasure of having Navona guide my AURA regression session, and I am so thankful. From the day I contacted her about scheduling my appointment, she created a safe container to the end of my session. I felt very safe and comfortable as she led me through several sweet and spirit, expanding lifetimes.The healing I received has been life-changing, and even a month after, I am still receiving downloads and making connections between parallel lifetimes and my purpose here on Earth. I feel clearer and freer than I've ever been, and I'm grateful my Higher Self led me to her; her connection to the A.A. Angels and Spirit is so loving and heart-centered.

Alyssa D.

Receiving a  distance RAAH session from Navona was a very grounding uplifting and helpful experience. Grateful for her and her abilities. She has an amazing presence and is a gifted healer.  She is a inspiration and her insight is helpful to me at this time. Thank you Navona

Maple P.

Navona is a kind and loving soul and that directly translates into the work she does. After each session I've had with her, my connection with the Divine became deeper and deeper. The RAAH session undid so many blockages I had and it did so with an immense amount of love. The AURA session was a very transformative experience for me, even months after I am still integrating the downloads from my guides. I am so grateful for Navona because she asks the right questions and her intuition is spot on in removing any blockages that may be holding you back. I highly recommend a session with her!

Khat P.

What is A.U.R.A. and R.A.A.H.?

It is an honor that you have followed yor heart to mine. Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (A.U.R.A.) and Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing (R.A.A.H.) are both methods of Quantum healing created by Rising Phoenix Aurora. These methods use sacred alchemy and the aid of the Angelics and our beautiful benevolent magical creatures to help you achieve your highest healing. These methods assure you are protected the entire time throughout your session. All healing is guided completely by your Higher Self, you. Nothing is done without your permission. You are empowered in your healing and have a safe space to achieve your highest healing in this space in time. As the practitioner, I am there as a guide and channel to your healing.

It is important to let go of all expectations that you have for your session. Every healing is completely unique. Let go of fear, doubt and mistrust. Be in the flow with your higher self and allow your healing to unfold for you.

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Disclaimer: Navona Carter is not a medical profeshional. Nothing expressed or written here is intended to replace any advice provided to you by a medical profeshional.