Embodiment in Moments of Chaos

Embodiment of your Highest Self in moments of chaos can be a challenging task. Especially, in times where the collective is being baited by fear and chaos. First if you are feeling or experiencing: fear, worry, doubt or mistrust ... breathe! When we are experiencing chaos it becomes hard for us to breathe as deeply and intently. When our thoughts are rushing and our breath becomes shorter we are allowing ourselves to be made a victim of the world around us. Know that you are always a sovereign being, even when you decide to give your sovereignty up. 

We underestimate the power of grounding in our lives. You are more than your physical body. At times our thoughts focus on future time, or the worst possible outcome of any given situation. First, forgive yourself for allowing this pattern to exist in your mind, body, soul complex. Being too occupied with any moment outside of the now is a sign you need to ground. Placing the souls of your feet on the Earth activates the energetic flow between you, the Sun and the Earth. Allowing the stagnant energy in you to flow will release lower vibrations from you. Imagine the Earth helping you release and clear all those chaotic feelings and emotions, while the Sun cleanses you and replenishes you.    

When clearing your energy field in this way connect with your breath by breathing deeply into your belly through the nose and out from the mouth. Pay attention to the way your thoughts begin to flow and the areas in your body where you are feeling the most energy. How does that energy feel? What are those thoughts you are having? Release what no longer serves your highest good, allowing for your Higher Self to aid you in the release and transmutation of what no longer serves your highest good. 

With daily practice you will notice how your energy shifts. This is a part of your inner work towards self mastery. If more energetic assistance is needed a R.A.A.H. or A.U.R.A. could be of aid in the releasement of what is blocking you from your flow and sense of inner peace through chaos.

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