Mirrors: The Value of Objective Reflection

Do you ever wonder why certain situations, people or circumstances seem to be magnetized towards you? Do you attract the same kinds of friends and relationships into your life and wonder why it is that you keep meeting people like this? Have you ever wondered why it is that you are always facing the same issues around pillars such as abundance, or love? 

When situations, people, events and circumstances reoccur in our lives it’s important to take a moment to look at them deeply and objectively to see what it is that they are trying to show you. For example, in my own experience I was attracting friends with mother issues. Although we would take it as an opportunity to talk about our  relationships with our mothers and point the finger at them; we rarely looked within. This sort of trauma bonding may feel healing at first, but in actuality it is feeding the very wound you are looking to heal. I was stuck in this pattern with female friends who would eventually fall out of my life. Then one day it occurred to me. I was being put under circumstances with people and events that provoked my mother wound because that was what I was ready to heal in those moments. The situations were constantly manifesting for me because it was in fact time for me to face the pattern and break it. 

Life is always mirroring things to us, and it is up to us to decide to objectively look into the mirror with our egos aside so we can expand. The ego is not meant to be the voice that guides us. That is the job of our intuition or Higher Self. 

During this mercury retrograde, make some time to look into the mirror and see what is being put in front of you to be overcome. Honor the patterns and the challenges to be broken and use them to fuel the flames of the new version of yourself you are working towards. 

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