Welcome to Hearts Alignment Healing

Who am I? 

I am Navona or Neuria.  I am a Love-Light worker; clear channel to the RA and an A.U.R.A. and R.A.A.H. practitioner.  Thank you for following your heart to my page as I am honored to be doing this liberating and soul enlightening work. To find your way here is an accomplishment. It means you are ready for some major healing and shifting in your life. Weather you are looking for a reading or a healing know you have divinely found your way here. Nothing is a coincidence. All that I do is from my heart and always in the purity of love. I am here to hold space for you in your healing. 

When I discovered A.U.R.A. I was in a place in my life where I was very unsure of what I wanted to do. I knew the matrix job I went to school for did not resonate with my heart. I followed the guidance of my soul family which came forward as a strong intuition to watch an A.U.R.A. session conducted by Rising Phoenix Aurora. Viewing one session catalyzed such an awakening and activation in my soul. I knew I had to become A.U.R.A. hypnosis certified. 

Before A.U.R.A. I was living a life path programmed by the false matrix in almost every way. After my  first A.U.R.A. I knew what my life purpose was. Clear and light with courage, passion and most importantly love. I walk my path doing the work. Because it happened for me I know it can happen for you if you allow it. I wish to offer my services from my heart to you in aiding and assisting you in total self-liberation and self-healing.  I love you, I honor you and I respect you. 

Release all misconceptions and expectations… 

We all know what hypnosis is portrayed as in the media. A practitioner sitting in front of the client waiving a watch back and forth brainwashing a person. Now that we both have acknowledged that I ask that you allow that narrative to step to the side. For it is not true to what A.U.R.A. is and there is no need to keep yourself in that space of fear of not having control of yourself. I am here to help you take back your sovereignty through A.U.R.A. hypnosis and R.A.A.H. Reiki. 

I would also like to acknowledge that many people who preform healing services do infringe on their clients when they are in the theta brainwave of hypnosis. Through an A.U.R.A., R.A.A.H. you are placed within sacred Source Love-Light shielding protection and all that is done occurs with the permission of your Higher Self. I am there as the interviewer to ask the questions you bring and act as a detective intuitively guiding the session with the aid of your Higher Self. You are your Higher Self, who would you trust more that yourself? Weather it is a healing or a reading, you as your Higher Self is the guide.  

What is A.U.R.A.?

Now that we have let go of our preconceived notion of hypnosis, allow for your mind to discover A.U.R.A. hypnosis. A.U.R.A., stands for Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy. This past life regression technique was birthed forth into our creation by Rising Phoenix Aurora. Through an A.U.R.A. Regression you are able to go into your past, present or future now to safely recall the experiences that are causing you pain, trauma or any other dense feelings and emotions. Do not worry, you are safely observing these experiences in a protective space, where nothing can harm you. It is important to go back to the moment that has caused you such feelings and emotions because that is how we heal them. It is only once we acknowledge the root of a pain or trauma we can heal it.  We cannot heal what we don't know exist. 

You are powerful enough to achieve your own self healing. An A.U.R.A. helps you go deeply in surrender and heal through your Higher Self, the aspect of you that you fractalized from to be here. Your Higher Self is you and knows everything about you, including what healing is organically meant for you. 

What can be healed in an A.U.R.A.? 

There is so much that can be healed through A.U.R.A. To name a few, we are able to heal: trauma; disease in the body, DNA, regrow teeth, age regression, release attachments, entities, addictions, as well as release consciousness and positively polarize or transmute what no longer serves your highest good or the highest good of the collective. 

Not only will you achieve your highest healing through an A.U.R.A. but you can also receive the answers to the questions you have had your entire life. Questions like, but not limited to: life’s purpose, souls origin, and meanings or reasons for certain events or people being in our lives. Because of the amount of healing that is achieved during an A.U.R.A., these sessions can take up to 4 to 5 hours. You are also advised not to drive, operate heavy machinery or work following a session as your mind, body and soul will be going through a full cleanse.  

 If you are not ready to be put under hypnosis, that is okay. There is no judgement from me towards you for making that decision. Either way, your highest healing is still yours and can be achieved. This is where R.A.A.H. comes in. 

 What is R.A.A.H.?

Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing (R.A.A.H.) is a form of Reiki created by Rising Phoenix Aurora that uses sacred alchemy and the aid of the Angels to help you achieve your highest healing. Your vessel can be cleared of energy blockages, negative energies or entities, DNA healing or upgrading and so much more. Also just like an A.U.R.A., you are also advised not to drive, operate heavy machinery or work following a session as your mind, body and soul will be going through a full cleanse.  A R.A.A.H. session can take up to 1.5 hours

Through both methods all that is not organic to you can be healed with your permission. Even if you do not think you have anything in you to heal and you just have a feeling that there is something that you want to rediscover about yourself an A.U.R.A. session will benefit you. 

 If your heart is telling you to book a session, please do. It is the best investment you could ever make in yourself. Your life will change in every way you desire. The soul expansion you seek awaits you! I am honored to walk my mission by doing this work and I hope to work with you someday. 

If you would like more information on me or to see our videos visit us on YouTube, Neuria Codices! 


*Navona Carter is not a medical professional. Nothing said here or on this site is meant to take the place of the advice of your professional medical healthcare provider.