Quantum Akashic Reading

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To reserve a session, please email heartsalignmenthealing@gmail.com

The Akashic records hold all of the records of creation. All that you have experienced in all space and time is recorded here. We all have the power to access our own records. However, at times we may be feeling blocked or experiencing infringements that are causing us to feel uncertain about the clarity of the messages we are receiving. 

Using sacred alchemy and shielding I am able to access your akashic records with your Higher Self, assuring none can infringe on the messages you receive. By shielding and using sacred alchemy I am able to make sure I am communicating at the highest and clearest frequency, so only benevolent beings can communicate through the reading.

During a reading you can receive guidance from your Higher Self and benevolent galactic family as well as ask any questions to your guides. I as the channel will be there acting as the bridge to the connection. I can only see what you, your Higher Self, allows me to see. Therefore, you can be assured that you will receive that which is meant to be communicated to you for your highest good! You can also meet your beautiful benevolent magical creatures like dragons, fairies and more!

This is a 45 minute reading. If you have any questions contact us at Heartsalignmenthealing@gmail.com 

If you are interested in receiving a reading, it would be my honor to bridge messages to you in Infinite love!

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