R.A.A.H. Reiki Healing

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To reserve a session, please email heartsalignmenthealing@gmail.com

Reiki Angelic Alchemy (R.A.A.H.) is a form of Reiki healing created by Rising Phoenix Aurora that uses sacred alchemy; the aid of the angels, and your Higher Self to help you achieve your highest healing. Many things can be removed during a R.A.A.H. session including, implants, hooks, portals, entities, negative cords.

Self healing is always possible, however a R.A.A.H. Reiki healing can help us cleanse our energies so we can awaken even more to our mission with a strengthened connection to our Higher Selves. Healing is a layered process, each layer reveals more about us than the one before. Sometimes we may have infringements that are creating more of a veil than we were meant to have organically.  This session will allow some of the density to be transmuted so you can continue to move forward on your healing process. 

This is a good way to achieve Quantium healing if you do not feel ready to go under the theta brainwave of hypnosis. Much can be achieved through a R.A.A.H., however if you are looking for past-life regression or to explore a specific moment in time, you may want to book an A.U.R.A. hypnosis healing. 

What can be healed? A detailed Body Scan will be performed on you. So that you are able to receive self healing as your Higher Self sees fit and allows by balancing your energies & chakras, cleanse, cut, transmute negative cords, negative implants, hooks, portals, at times - immunization shots, entity removal, heal energy blockages, auric fields, expand spiritual gifts...

The most influential accomplishment through R.A.A.H. Healing is aiding the client in realizing that they can connect to their higher self in obtaining their inner knowing during and after the healing by removing the negativity within them that is holding them back from the connection. A person can receive multiple readings throughout their life, but it is not until they have empowered themselves in understanding that all answers lie within that our spirits truly obtain remembrance and growth!

Who and what can RAAH be performed on? Clients of all ages, all animals, the land, homes. Examples, our own children whom received immunization shots, our spouses who are not or are partially awakened, our animals who have illnesses, those in Hospice to aid their transition...

If you are ready to have a R.A.A.H. and you feel a hearts resonance with me, it would be my honor to hold space in love and healing for you!

If you have any questions contact us at Heartsalignmenthealing@gmail.com

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